The B&B Sekeles is located a few steps from the historic center of Catania, in the true and pulsating part of the city of Catania.

Our city is a mix of unique cultures and traditions, surrounded by the sea and with the most active volcano in Europe always clearly visible in the background.

Catania is the ideal tourist destination for all those who want to enjoy this fantastic city and enjoy the sea and the mountains at the same time.

If you are a tourist and you do not know our land, I am sure that you have already looked for dozens of guides who can guide you in the best way to organize your stay.

We give you the opportunity to make everything easier: you can stay at our magnificent structure and consult this guide to understand what you absolutely must see while you are in Catania.

In this guide we will recommend everything you need to visit while staying in Catania.

Make yourself comfortable, because we are about to start our journey!

What to visit in Catania

Depending on the period in which you stay in Catania, you will always find something characteristic, capable of taking your breath away.

Do you want an example?

The first week of February, all of Catania celebrates its patron saint: Sant’Agata.

The celebration of Sant’Agata is the second most important religious celebration in the world.

A show that mixes faith and folklore, from the famous dawn mass, liturgical celebration at 5AM, passing through the fireworks display in Piazza Duomo on the evening of February 3.

But February 5 represents the most important and intense event, during which the bust of Sant’Agata goes around the city accompanied by the “candelore” (wooden structures decorated with lights, flowers and ornaments of various kinds, which represent great candles) and its bearers.

If, on the other hand, you come in the summer, you can discover a city that is tailor-made for all lovers of the sea and beaches.

Immense beaches, solariums and lidos to satisfy all tastes and a sea with an always warm temperature (like our sun).

You will also discover the nightlife of our territory, always in turmoil and never paused.

From early afternoon until dawn, a myriad of restaurants, pubs, lounge pubs ready to serve you cocktails, beers, wines and many other local specialties.

We could continue with the list, but we prefer to get to the point, showing you what we promised you.

Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo is the first of the places you absolutely must visit in Catania.

This is the central square, one of the most characteristic of the city and, the strong presence of the Baroque influence, has meant that it was recognized as a UNESCO heritage site.

Fonte: Wikipedia

The square contains three points of interest that are symbols for all the people of Catania: the statue of the elephant (u ’liotru), the cathedral of Sant’Agata and the fountain of Amenano (acqua o’ linzolu).

Adjacent to the square is also the Palazzo degli Elefanti, a town hall of Catania which is an architectural masterpiece of immense value.

Piazza Duomo is a real link that allows you to reach different parts of the city, even on foot.

Piazza Università, Piazza Stesicoro and Corso Sicilia, Porta Uzeda, Piazza Massimo Bellini and the local markets, including the famous fish market.

The local markets: the fish market

The fish market is another of the places to visit in Catania.

Always considered the true heart of the city, the local market is located just behind Piazza Duomo.

The fish shop opens in the early hours of dawn and as long as the catch of the day is available, people flock to buy everything they need.

Over the years, however, the Catania fish market has also become a must for millions of tourists: it often happens to meet guests from all over the world, literally amazed by this spectacle of Ionian retailers and fish.

Volcanic beach of San Giovanni li Cuti

The beach of San Giovanni li Cuti is one of the most characteristic beaches and most appreciated by the people of Catania and beyond.

Fonte: la vocedell’

It is a black beach, as it consists mainly of volcanic sand and large rocks.

Located just before the Catania seafront, it is easily reachable both on foot and by urban lines.

To reach the beach, you just need to walk a small section of the pedestrian street and choose the best place on the beach.

Being very small and narrow, it is essential to reach the beach, especially during the summer, in the early hours of the morning, otherwise it will be really difficult to find a small corner to recline.

Via Etnea

Via Etnea is the most important street in the city and is another point of interest that you absolutely must visit in Catania.

An immense, very long and uphill road, which takes its name from the purpose it had in the past: to connect Catania to the neighboring towns and to all the Etna villages.

It constitutes a real point to move quickly within the various areas of the city and contains in all its vastness other important and characteristic places that you should visit, including the famous Villa Bellini, a large park, surrounded by green expanses and trees, unraveled in many paths that allow you to discover all the secrets of this majestic park.

For years now it has been a destination that every year hosts events of all kinds and concerts by renowned artists.

Also from via Etnea you can easily reach Corso Italia, considered the shopping street.

Corso Italia is capable of offering you dozens and dozens of shops, from clothing to objects. Not surprisingly, during the Christmas holidays, it is literally stormed, due to the wide range of shops present.

To conclude

We have come to the end of this short guide in which we have entered what you must visit in Catania during your stay.

We have only included some of the most iconic places that you absolutely must see, but you have to believe us when we tell you that Catania is much more.

There are dozens and dozens of other one-of-a-kind attractions, but today we focused on everything you might see within walking distance of our facility.

In the future we will be able to tell you more about Catania and its surroundings, but for now we will stop here, hoping to have been of help.

Enjoy your stay at the B&B Sekeles